The workshop will be held during the afternoon of May 10th.

13:20Selection of Rendezvous Points for Multi-Robot Exploration in Dynamic Environments
Julian de Hoog, Stephen Cameron, Arnoud Visser
13:45Decentralised Coordination of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Target Search using the Max Sum Algorithm
Delle Fave Francesco Maria, Zhe Xu, Alex Rogers, Nick Jennings
14:10Learning Opponent's Strategies in the Small-Size League of RoboCup
Trevizan Felipe, Manuela Veloso
14:35Hypotheses based Multi-Object Tracking in the RoboCup MidSize League
Rob Janssen, René van de Molengraft
15:00Coffee break
15:30Human-Guided Real-Time Multi-Agent Coordination in Dynamic Uncertain Domains
Maheswaran Rajiv, Craig Rogers, Romeo Sanchez, Pedro Szekely
15:55Towards An Integrated Approach of Real-time Coordination for Multi-Agent Systems
Ghulam Mahdi, Abdelkader Gouaich, Fabien Michel
16:20Analyzing the Influence and Effectiveness of One-man Agent on its Team’s Performance
16:45Avatars in a Modern Soccer Manager
Ubbo Visser, Christine Lisetti
17:10End of workshop